David Moskowitz CEO Attores

Podcast Episode #3: David Moskowitz, CEO Attores

How can individuals and  companies actually use smart contract technology today? Is it viable for document verification? Startup Attores has some ideas.

CEO and co-founder David Moskowitz has appeared multiple times on TV news services including BBC and CNBC, explaining bitcoin and blockchain technology to a general audience. He previously founded the Singapore-based bitcoin brokerage CoinRepublic.

Attores and Document Proof-of-Existence

Since 2016, Attores has pioneered document and data security services using Ethereum-based smart contracts. So far its “DocuSign” service has demonstrated its usefulness in proving insurance contracts and academic credentials.

Automata hosts Daniel Cawrey and Jon Southurst ask David about the offline legal issues surrounding smart contracts, managing real-world assets and (most importantly) how to keep it all secure.

There’s also the issue of convincing the financial industry to trust in new blockchain tech.

David also has over 20 years experience in product development, marketing and sales. He is a board member of ACCESS — Singapore’s premier cryptocurrency and blockchain industry association.

Show Notes

Runtime: 21:13
Direct link to episode
Automata YouTube Channel
Attores Homepage
David Moskowitz interviews on BBC, CNBC, and e27 on Bitcoin
Attores interview for The FinLab Accelerator

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