Martijn Wismeijer of GeneralBytes

Podcast Episode #2: Martijn Wismeijer of GeneralBytes

QR codes for bitcoin transactions need to retire, says Martijn Wismeijer. The bitcoin hacker and ATM manufacturer says near-field communication (NFC) technology is the next step.

Wismeijer, a.k.a “Mr Bitcoin” puts his money where his mouth is. Or at least, where his hands are. He has tiny NFC chips implanted in each one, allowing him to store and spend his bitcoins without any visible accessories.

Martijn Wismeijer, “Mr Bitcoin” of GeneralBytes

By the end of the show, at least one of our hosts is thinking of doing the same. For the large majority of people who aren’t into biohacking, though, GeneralBytes’s third generation bitcoin ATMs are storing funds on plastic NFC cards. Soon, says Wismeijer, you’ll be able to spend them directly from the cards too.

What other functions will these new-breed bitcoin ATMs have? Will your body be your wallet? Listen in for more on how you’ll use bitcoin in the (very near) future.

Show Notes

Runtime: 30:31
Direct link to episode
Automata YouTube Channel
GeneralBytes Homepage
Video of Martijn getting his chips implanted (!)
Ars Technica article on Martijn from 2014

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