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Podcast Episode #5: Joey Krug, Chief Architect at Augur

What if you could place a bet on the outcome of any event at all? Not only sports, but elections, meetings, awards… and a lot more?

Joey Krug is chief architect at Augur, a project that’s building a truly decentralized prediction market. While the concept of prediction markets isn’t new and several have existed in the past, many ran into hassles with regulation and disputes over payouts.

Augur wants to completely automate a prediction market’s operation, using smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. It’s no easy task — Augur is automating not only the trading system but also needs to verify outcomes and results somehow. How do you determine exactly what happened, and verify it if the result happens to be ambiguous?

Joey tells Dan and Jon about Augur’s current development status and how its native token, called REP, drives a reputation-based network of human participants to keep the machine running smoothly.

He also goes into some of the technical challenge his team has faced in developing a working product, and gives his ideas on what a forecasting network like Augur could be useful for. Listen in to hear about this blockchain project that’s been getting a lot of attention.

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Show Notes

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Augur home page
Augur’s Wikipedia page
Automata’s YouTube Channel

Podcast Episode #3: David Moskowitz, CEO Attores

How can individuals and  companies actually use smart contract technology today? Is it viable for document verification? Startup Attores has some ideas.

CEO and co-founder David Moskowitz has appeared multiple times on TV news services including BBC and CNBC, explaining bitcoin and blockchain technology to a general audience. He previously founded the Singapore-based bitcoin brokerage CoinRepublic.

Attores and Document Proof-of-Existence

Since 2016, Attores has pioneered document and data security services using Ethereum-based smart contracts. So far its “DocuSign” service has demonstrated its usefulness in proving insurance contracts and academic credentials.

Automata hosts Daniel Cawrey and Jon Southurst ask David about the offline legal issues surrounding smart contracts, managing real-world assets and (most importantly) how to keep it all secure.

There’s also the issue of convincing the financial industry to trust in new blockchain tech.

David also has over 20 years experience in product development, marketing and sales. He is a board member of ACCESS — Singapore’s premier cryptocurrency and blockchain industry association.

Show Notes

Runtime: 21:13
Direct link to episode
Automata YouTube Channel
Attores Homepage
David Moskowitz interviews on BBC, CNBC, and e27 on Bitcoin
Attores interview for The FinLab Accelerator

Podcast Episode #1: Paul Puey, CEO Airbitz

We haven’t asked much of bitcoin wallets so far — mainly we were happy if they worked as described and didn’t lose our bitcoins.

That’s all changing though, with developers trying to stand out from the crowd and add functionality way beyond just sending and receiving money. Airbitz is one of them.

Paul Puey, Airbitz

In the first official Automata podcast episode, Airbitz CEO Paul Puey talks to Daniel and Jon about opening up the wallet’s APIs to third-party developers, letting them turn it into a multi-purpose keychain to manage your identity, other accounts, and more.

With its “edge security” model, Airbitz wants to transform from a mere bitcoin wallet into a complete decentralized data security platform.

Puey also talks about Airbitz’s novel approach to fundraising and investing. Does it work? Could it become a model for other startups in this space? Listen to the episode to hear all the details.

Show Notes

Runtime: 27:35
Direct link to episode (SoundCloud)
Automata YouTube Channel
Airbitz Homepage
Airbitz campaign on WeFunder