Podcast Episode #2: Martijn Wismeijer of GeneralBytes

QR codes for bitcoin transactions need to retire, says Martijn Wismeijer. The bitcoin hacker and ATM manufacturer says near-field communication (NFC) technology is the next step.

Wismeijer, a.k.a “Mr Bitcoin” puts his money where his mouth is. Or at least, where his hands are. He has tiny NFC chips implanted in each one, allowing him to store and spend his bitcoins without any visible accessories.

Martijn Wismeijer, “Mr Bitcoin” of GeneralBytes

By the end of the show, at least one of our hosts is thinking of doing the same. For the large majority of people who aren’t into biohacking, though, GeneralBytes’s third generation bitcoin ATMs are storing funds on plastic NFC cards. Soon, says Wismeijer, you’ll be able to spend them directly from the cards too.

What other functions will these new-breed bitcoin ATMs have? Will your body be your wallet? Listen in for more on how you’ll use bitcoin in the (very near) future.

Show Notes

Runtime: 30:31
Direct link to episode
Automata YouTube Channel
GeneralBytes Homepage
Video of Martijn getting his chips implanted (!)
Ars Technica article on Martijn from 2014

Podcast Episode #1: Paul Puey, CEO Airbitz

We haven’t asked much of bitcoin wallets so far — mainly we were happy if they worked as described and didn’t lose our bitcoins.

That’s all changing though, with developers trying to stand out from the crowd and add functionality way beyond just sending and receiving money. Airbitz is one of them.

Paul Puey, Airbitz

In the first official Automata podcast episode, Airbitz CEO Paul Puey talks to Daniel and Jon about opening up the wallet’s APIs to third-party developers, letting them turn it into a multi-purpose keychain to manage your identity, other accounts, and more.

With its “edge security” model, Airbitz wants to transform from a mere bitcoin wallet into a complete decentralized data security platform.

Puey also talks about Airbitz’s novel approach to fundraising and investing. Does it work? Could it become a model for other startups in this space? Listen to the episode to hear all the details.

Show Notes

Runtime: 27:35
Direct link to episode (SoundCloud)
Automata YouTube Channel
Airbitz Homepage
Airbitz campaign on WeFunder

Automata: The Future Is Automated

Automata: From cryptocurrencies to distributed autonomous corporations and bot traders — the world economy is becoming increasingly automated. What you’re seeing now is just the beginning.

What role do humans have in building these systems? What role will they play in the future? Will you sit and watch all this happen around you, or get involved?

We’re not just talking self-driving cars, drones and automated Amazon warehouses. Increasingly, the back-end that drives all sectors of our economy is running itself.  Machines can pay each other and even organize the deal. But how?

Reporters Daniel Cawrey and Jon Southurst have covered technology for years and bitcoin since 2013. Both worked full-time for news sites like CoinDesk, ZapChain and Bitcoin.com, where they watched the industry evolve. From the early crypto price bubbles to the modern world of “bankchains” and smart contracts, they’ve seen dozens of projects rise and fall.

Tech-neutral and Open-Minded

Both remain huge bitcoin fans and know it’ll change the world. But there are other stories out there worth looking at too. Everyone has their opinions on what will work and what’s doomed, but each Automata episode starts with a neutral and curious outlook. Ultimate judgment is up to you, the listener.

FYI: an “Automaton” is a self-operating machine; “automata” is the plural. They may act on programmed instructions or make their own decisions. Automata Theory goes deeper, studying what these machines may do — and from there, how they’ll impact our society.

Daniel and Jon are based in the tech centers of Silicon Valley and Tokyo, where they both remain actively involved in the bitcoin and crypto industries.

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